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I use to be with another company - when Norman, Emery and Nick left them and started their own business - I went with them. When asked, I recommended HHR to other people in the Meadowood Condo Complex. I have always had excellent service with them. They are professional and trustworthy in every aspect of the word. They arrive on time and inspect every part of the furnace, air conditioner, water heater, etc. If there is a problem, they show you and explain your options. Their prices are competitive and they try to recommend options within your price range. My furnace quick heating last night (10/28/11) - I called them about 9:00pm and they were up here at 9:30pm. Fortunately it was the ignition switch that was the problem. I had heat once again by 10:30pm! HHR now services about 10 folks in the complex; installed two water heaters (one was mine) and two furnaces. I would recommend them to anyone who asks.

- MK Van T.

They are exceptional! They are trustworthy, professional, and pleasure to do business with.

- Tim K.

I cannot think of a better experience, ever.  My wife called them at 7am, and they were at our home (the president of the company, in fact), by 8:40am.  By 10:30am they had replaced the capacitor.  The AC is working great, no problems.  This is quite simply the best service experience I have ever had. 

- Mike E.

Theirs was the one that was kind of higher than the other companies.  They bought a couple of books with them, one was kind of in training and learning and the other been given to us for a long time.  They really tried to respond when I talked about the quote being high compared to the other ones.  They seemed anxious to try to do something with that.  They were very punctual and not unprofessional in anyway.

- Diana T.

I hired HHR to replace a faulty, dual-zone digital thermostat. Nick did a great job and saved me about $400 compared to the quote I had from another company. I highly recommend HHR!

- Chris N.

Nick came out to service my air conditioner and I was really pleased with his attitude and knowledge. It turned out that all I needed was additional refrigerant which he refilled on the spot. Now our air conditioning is back to cooling our house down quicker saving us on electricity. He also gave me an estimate on replacing the unit (it was the original one and 23 years old) so I could compare his pricing to others when I was ready to buy. I did and his quote was $3000 less then another competitors. If you ever need to repair your air conditioner or furnace, I highly recommend HHR Heating and Cooling!

- M. Cook

I called to have HHR service my air conditioner on a Saturday. They did not charge any overtime fees for Saturday service and quickly diagnosed and corrected problems that were the result of the installation over 3 years ago by another company. I highly recommend them, very competent, professional and thorough. Emery checked over my entire furnace and corrected 2-3 small issues to make my AC run better. Their fees were so reasonable and I was so impressed that I signed up for an annual maintenance plan.

- S.P. Arky

Quick and professional. I had a 18 month old and a wife who was about to give birth when my air conditioner went out in the middle of summer. As you can see I was wanting the job done quick and done right. HHR was the only people to get a quote for me that day and no one else would look at even quoting for a week. The price on the AC unit was so good I had them replace the furnace too since they were both about 18 years old and I didn't want to be stuck in the winter with a new born and a two year old freezing. Nick and Emery came out on a Saturday without charging anything extra to install both systems. they were done in one day with the install. I had a new furnace and AC within 2 days of calling and got a good price.. I have recommended HHR to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for quick and professional job.

- P.P. Tor

Since the weather is starting to cool I turned on my furnace and nothing happened. Obviously I did not want to go all winter without heat. I live in the Westerville area and used a local heating and cooling company that my neighbors recommended. HHR Heating and Cooling Solutions showed up fast and professional. They got my furnace going that day and gave me quality tips to maintain my furnace year to year. Because of their haste and professionalism I plan to call HHR for any future HVAC needs. Thanks Nick. Satisfied Customer

- Ryan F.

I called HHR out to my home to do a routine fall furnace check. The technician came out and was on time and friendly. I change my filter monthly and never notice much on it. I asked the technician about this and told him that I wanted a better filter b/c with three large breed dogs in the house, dusting has become a daily event. I told the technician this and he offered a solution. He offered to install a media filter and cabinet. He had one on his truck and did it that day for me! I am dusting much less!!! It surprised me how big of a difference I have noticed! I was thinking it wouldn't make as big of a difference as it has. So I am saving money on Pledge and saving time on dusting. Thank You HHR!! Oh yea, and my furnace is running great... almost forgot about that part.

- Lissa B.

We contacted HHR when we discovered our furnace was not working properly. A technician was out within the hour. As it turns out we needed a new pressure switch. They ordered the part and were back out to repair within 2 hours. I felt the pricing was fair and the service outstanding. Heats on! I would recommend HHR if you're in need of service!

- Teri S.