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HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions - Air Conditioning

If you’re at all concerned about the performance and energy efficiency of your air conditioning, then call HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions. We operate our business honestly and with integrity, so that our customers know they receive cost–effective solutions that improve the comfort of their homes. Our technicians are highly trained to work on a wide variety of air conditioning systems, including central air, ductless mini split air conditioners, geothermal systems, as well as various air quality devices, and auxiliary components like thermostats, zone control systems, and insulation.

We offer superior installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services and we charge only standard rates from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday. We’re here to serve you, so give Heating & Cooling Solutions a call for exceptional Columbus, OH air conditioning services.

Columbus Air Conditioning Tip

While it might seem like a little thing, annual maintenance is really important to keep your air conditioning system working effectively. Some tasks you can do on your own, like changing the air filters, but many others need a professional technician to perform them. During your annual visit, your technician will check the electric terminals, clean and tighten connections, oil the motors, and lots more to make sure that you are getting the most out of your air conditioner. Keeping your unit working efficiently saves you money every month, so don’t forget to schedule a tune–up every year!

What Type of Air Conditioning System Do I Need?

If your AC is on its last leg, or you have a new home that needs a comprehensive cooling solution, then you need to know what type of air conditioning system to have installed in your Columbus, OH home. This is not always so straightforward. Today’s HVAC market has a vast array of system types, brands, and investing in the future of your home’s comfort should not be made lightly. If you have an existing central air and you’re satisfied with your ductwork, then simply replacing it with a new model is probably the most cost–effective option. However, there are other ductless options available should you want to avoid using your ductwork or would rather not use it. Whatever type of air conditioner you need, you can rely on Heating & Cooling Solutions to ensure that it operates as it should.

Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency and Performance

There are two major categories of quality that you need to consider for your air conditioning system: energy efficiency and performance. All ACs sold in the US have something called a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which is a number given to the unit that estimates its energy efficiency. The second half of the home comfort equation is performance; after all you want an AC that will keep your home comfortable all summer long. Performance and energy efficiency often work together, because a clean and well–adjusted system often operates to the best of its ability. For more information about our Columbus air conditioning services, and how we can improve the comfort of your home, call Heating & Cooling Solutions.

The Importance of Professional Columbus, OH Air Conditioning Service

Above all, your air conditioning system needs to be installed by a Columbus, OH AC professional. There’s no substitute for the knowledge and expertise of a highly trained technician, and we only employ exceptional technicians here at Heating & Cooling Solutions. We know exactly how to size your system so that it matches your home and cools it effectively and efficiently. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.