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Do I Need to Refill the Refrigerant in My Air Conditioner?

July 25th, 2016

First of all, you cannot fill the refrigerant in your air conditioner on your own. Second of all, if you do have a low refrigerant charge in your system, you have a problem on your hands. Contrary to common misunderstandings, refrigerant is not consumed by an air conditioner. It is continuously recycled in a closed loop — or at least, it is when your system is working properly.

Because of the function that it serves, low refrigerant levels can be a serious detriment to your comfort and to the condition of your air conditioning system. Fortunately, our team is here to help. When you need air conditioning services in Columbus, OH, you need only dial our number.

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Is My Air Conditioner Running too Noisily?

July 18th, 2016

During the hottest time of the year, you really need your air conditioner to be working at peak performance and efficiency levels. If this is the not the case, you are going to struggle to enjoy the great cooling performance that we know you enjoy. Fortunately for you, we are here not only to keep your AC in fine working condition, but also to get it back on track if anything should go wrong.

The worst thing that you can do for your home cooling system is to convince yourself that everything is fine when something out of the ordinary is happening. If your AC is operating at a higher noise level than is normal, for instance, you may be in need of air conditioning repairs in Columbus, OH. Let us know if you are hearing anything unusual.

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What Factors Can Negatively Influence My Indoor Air Quality?

July 11th, 2016

If you think that you need only cool your home effectively with a reliable air conditioner in order to enjoy great comfort this summer season, you are overlooking a major facet of the situation: your indoor air quality. If the air quality within your home is low, there is no way that you are going to be able to live as comfortably as you’d like. You may not even be able to live healthfully.

The bad news is that there is really no way to eliminate all of the factors that may negatively influence your indoor air quality. The good news is that we can help you to improve your indoor air quality in spite of those factors. Call today to discuss your options.

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3 Tips for Efficient Cooling This Summer

July 4th, 2016

We are definitely in the throes of the summer season at this point, as you’ll see with even a cursory glance at your outdoor thermometer. You should be able to effectively and sufficiently cool your home without waiting in dread for your energy bill to arrive each month. If you are concerned about the price of cooling your home, keep these tips in mind and enjoy more efficient air conditioning in Columbus, OH. You don’t have to replace your entire air conditioning system just to cut down on your home cooling costs, after all.

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Replacing Your AC? Consider Using a Heat Pump

June 27th, 2016

The split central air conditioner is far and away the most popular way in which homeowners may choose to cool their homes during the hot summer season. That being said, though, it is not your only option, nor is it necessarily the option that best suits your needs and personal preferences.

If you are ready to invest in an air conditioner for a brand new home, or if the time has come replace your home cooling system, then you may want to consider the use of a heat pump in Columbus, OH. Read on to learn a bit more about heat pumps, how they operate, and the benefits that they have to offer.

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Why Is Ice on an Air Conditioner Such a Serious Problem?

June 20th, 2016

There’s ice on my air conditioner, you think, but that’s probably no big deal. You could not be more wrong in this assumption, though. In truth, ice on your air conditioner may indicate that there is a serious problem with your system, or even lead to such problems if none is already in effect. Yes, your air conditioner is there to keep your home cool and comfortable, but the development of ice does not mean that it is simply working too effectively. If you see ice on your air conditioner in Columbus, OH, contact a member of our staff right away.

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Is it Time to Take Greater Control Over Your Air Conditioning System?

June 13th, 2016

If you have a very small studio apartment, or are trying to cool a single rented room, then a window unit air conditioner may suffice. However, cooling an entire house, regardless of size, is much more successfully done with the use of a central air conditioning system. One common concern about using a central AC, though, is the fact that homeowners may not necessarily wish to cool their entire homes to one temperature throughout. You can’t really just seal off vents, as that can disrupt the performance of the system as a whole. There is a solution, though: using a zone control system in Columbus, OH.

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Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Necessary?

June 6th, 2016

Before we get any further into this post, let’s just start off by saying that the answer to the question posited in the title above is: yes. You absolutely must schedule professional air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis. At least, that is, if you want to cool your home successfully while protecting the integrity of your home cooling system. A thorough AC tune-up entails much more than simply changing your air filter or spraying down the outdoor unit. Air conditioning maintenance in Columbus, OH is a job for trained professionals only. That is why we recommend that you schedule service with the pros on our staff.

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How Can an Electronic Air Cleaner Benefit Me?

May 30th, 2016

When you think of keeping your home comfortable, you may first and foremost think of your heating and air conditioning systems. It is obviously very necessary that you are able to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home all year long, but that is really only a single part of the equation. You must also be sure to maintain a healthful environment in your home by keeping up a high level of indoor air quality. Using an electronic air cleaner in Columbus, OH may be just what you need in order to do so.

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Don’t Let Your Air Conditioner Dry Out Your Home too Much

May 23rd, 2016

One of the great challenges that the modern homeowner faces is balancing high indoor air quality levels with outstanding energy efficiency. It may be an uphill battle at times, but it is certainly not one that is impossible in which to triumph. During the summer season, the humidity in the air outside can get quite high. However, you must remember that your air conditioner actually dehumidifies the air somewhat during the cooling process. Depending upon exact conditions in your home and your geographic area, your AC may actually wind up drying out the air in your residence too much. If this is the case, you may benefit greatly from pairing your AC with a whole-house humidifier in Columbus, OH

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