How Does Ductless Heating Work?

November 23rd, 2015

We get pretty cold during the winter in Columbus, OH, making it very necessary to have a reliable heating system in our homes. Ductless heating can offer you the ability to have very efficient heat without needing to install expensive ductwork or needing fossil fuels. A heating system without ducts or fuel? The key to the system is the heat pump technology, which we’ll explain more about below. Continue Reading

When Was the Last Time Your Heater Was Professionally Maintained?

November 16th, 2015

As we head into the coldest part of the year, it’s time to ask yourself a question: when was the last time your heating system was maintained by a trained professional? If the answer is over a year, then it is time to give the experts at HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions a call. Continue Reading

Why Go Ductless for Your AC?

July 21st, 2014

Looking for an air conditioning system for your ductless home or room addition can be stressful. Ductwork installation is a big job and may be difficult or impossible in some older homes. On the other hand, window air conditioning units and fans just don’t have the cooling power of some larger central air conditioning systems.

If you need a system that cools your home without the hassle of ductwork installation, a ductless mini split system may be right for you. The condenser unit of a ductless mini split system is just like the outside unit of a central split system, but it connects to individual air handlers mounted directly onto the wall, eliminating the need for ducts. A conduit links the two units via a small hole drilled into the wall.

Usually, multiple indoor air handlers are positioned in various areas to provide even cooling throughout the home. Typically, each outdoor unit can accommodate up to four indoor units. While the air handlers may be somewhat large, they can be installed out of view, mounted high on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Each air handler is controlled with its own thermostat, and you can usually control every unit with a master thermostat as well. Thus, your family members will be more comfortable. Often, family members have different temperature needs, and installing a ductless system allows everyone the ability to choose the temperature in each zone. This can also help you to save money. If the bedrooms are unoccupied during the daytime, for example, you may choose to raise the temperature to reduce energy consumption.

In fact, ductless air conditioning saves you money in other ways as well. Many ductless mini splits have higher SEERs (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) than some central air conditioning systems. Furthermore, ducted systems often waste energy. Ducts are prone to leaks, which means that many homeowners receive limited cooling and spend money cooling an unused area of the home such as the attic.

A window air conditioner cannot give you the performance and efficiency of a ductless mini split. When you decide to go ductless, call HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions for air conditioning installation in Dublin, OH today!

Reasons to Add Insulation This Summer

July 15th, 2014

Insulation is an often misunderstood concept. People associate it with keeping warm: when purchasing a jacket or coat for cold weather, shoppers look for an item with effective insulation. They also think the same way about the insulation in the walls and ceilings of their homes: they help keep the house cozy during the winter.

But insulation is both for keeping warm and for keeping cool. What insulation actually does is stop the movement of heat with a thermal barrier. In cold weather, house insulation traps heat indoors to help people stay warm. In hot weather, the insulation prevents heat from entering a home and raising the temperature to uncomfortable levels.

If you are finding it difficult to stay cool this summer in Delaware, OH, insulation may help you. Contact HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions today to find out more about what we can do to help your home stay cool during the summer.

Reasons That More Insulation Might Be Good for the Summer

If it seems that you have your air conditioner running all the time, yet you never feel comfortable enough, than the reason may be inefficient insulation allowing excess heat indoors. Not only is this bad news for your comfort, it is bad news for your air conditioning. The AC will work overtime trying to lower the indoor temperature while more heat pours. Adding insulation to the walls and attic will reduce the strain on your cooling system, and that means much lower bills for electricity. It also means an air conditioner that is less likely to suffer from malfunctions and breakdowns, and which will enjoy a much longer service life.

A specific area to focus on in your home when it comes to insulation is the attic. This region of a house will grow hotter than any other during the summer, since the sunlight beats down on the roof and the radiant energy raises the temperature to extreme levels, sometimes higher than 130°F! Without a thick barrier of insulation between the attic and the rest of the house, this heat will drift downward and can raise the indoor temperature 10°F or more—a significant amount that can mean the difference between whether the AC is kept on or off.

If you are planning to have new air conditioning installation this summer, your installers can perform a heat load calculation to see how well your home traps and releases heat. They can then tell you if you will benefit from more insulation. Call HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions today and let us advise you about air conditioning installation and our indoor air quality services in Delaware, OH.

How Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

July 10th, 2014

If you live in Upper Arlington, OH, you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of humidity. Humidity affects you because when there’s a lot of moisture in the air, it’s hard for your body to keep cool. When you need to escape the humidity outdoors, you go inside to enjoy the controlled environment of an air conditioned room. But did you know that humidity can also affect your air conditioner? If your AC can’t take the humidity either, you may eventually need to call a technician for air conditioning repair.

Your AC keeps you cool not just by blowing cool air into your home; it actually removes heat from the indoors and releases it outdoors. Refrigerant continuously cycles through the system, pulling heat from the air via the evaporator coil located inside of your home. Outside, the condenser coil helps to dissipate this heat into the air. The evaporator coil also works to reduce the humidity levels indoors. The evaporator pulls in moisture and it forms underneath the coil as condensation. It then drips into a condensate pan, which continuously drains via a drainage system.

However, if there is too much humidity in the home, your AC system might not be able to handle it, no matter how advanced it is. If your air conditioner has to work too hard, your system will not be able to handle the workload. It may overheat and break down, or else accumulated condensation might overflow into the air handler instead of draining. Condensate leaks are also a possibility. If these problems occur, you’ll need to call a technician for air conditioning repair.

One solution that can help you to avoid this issue is a whole-house dehumidifier. This works together with your indoor air handler to extract moisture from the air. You’ll feel cooler and your home will feel less stuffy. It will also increase the air quality of your home by reducing airborne allergens and the risk of mold and bacteria growth.

We can install a whole-house dehumidifier or provide air conditioning repair in Upper Arlington, OH, at HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions. Call us today!

The Famous Painting of the Declaration of Independence Isn’t What You Think It Is

July 4th, 2014

If you grew up in the United States, you probably first saw John Trumbull’s painting of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence in an elementary schoolbook. This oil-on-canvas 12’ x 18’ painting hangs in the rotunda of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. It is one of the most famous symbols of freedom in the country and almost every citizen can conjure it from memory.

Except… the painting isn’t of the singing of the Declaration of Independence. The actual title of the work is Declaration of Independence, and although it does portray an important moment in the history of the document that announced the Thirteen Colonies’ decision to break away from British rule, the event in the painting occurred on June 28, 1776, not July 4, 1776.

John Trumbull, a Connecticut native who fought in the Revolutionary War and whose father was the state governor, was commissioned to create the painting in 1817. He did painstaking research on the figures in the picture and also visited Independence Hall to see the actual chamber where the Second Continental Congress met. Trumbull only included 42 of the original 56 signers, because he could not find adequate likenesses for 14 or them, and added a few figures who were not present (most of whom declined to sign the actual document). In fact, the men depicted in the painting had never been present in the same room at one time.

So if the painting does not portray the signing of the Declaration of Independence, what is happening in the image? The Trumbull’s scene depicts the presentation of the draft of the declaration to the Continental Congress for editing and approval. The five-man drafting committee (John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert R. Livingston, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin) is handing over their finished work, which congress would then edit carefully over the next few days before voting on it and signing it on the day that we now celebrate as the start of the United States of America.

One last, odd, fact: two of the five-man drafting committee, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on July 4th—although many years later.

Our family at HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions hopes that your Fourth of July (or Twenty-Eighth of June if you decided to start celebrating early) is a memorable and happy one.

What Are Packaged Units and Why Are They Good for Commercial HVAC?

June 27th, 2014

Commercial HVAC systems use the same principles of operation as residential systems—but they are similar in few other ways. Commercial air conditioners and heaters are larger, modular, and differently configured, and for this reason they require commercial specialists to install, repair, and maintain them.

One of the common types of commercial HVAC systems rarely seen in homes is the packaged unit. These are the great workhorses for keeping businesses cooled and heated. If you are looking for commercial HVAC services in Delaware, whether to install a new system or to service a current one, chances are high that you are dealing with a packaged unit. Make sure you contact a contractor with the right experience: HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions offers extensive commercial services that will help keep your work place comfortable.

What Are Packaged Units?

The packaged HVAC system or the “all-in-one” system contains all the necessary components for heating and/or cooling inside a single cabinet. This is different from the “split” system that you see for most homes and some businesses, which have an outdoor cabinet (called the condenser in an air conditioning system) and a separate indoor cabinet hooked to the ductwork. The packaged unit contains the same components as a split system: two sets of coils, fans, blowers, motors, condensate drainage, and refrigerant. Packaged units can come either as air conditioners or heat pumps.

What Are the Advantages of Packaged Units for Businesses?

There are a number of reasons why installing packaged units is popular for commercial HVAC. For one, removing the indoor unit and combining it into one outdoor cabinet means a significant drop in noise level for a business. Another is that they are much easier to service for technicians, who can solve almost all heating and cooling problems from one location without needing to disrupt the workplace. The horizontal or down-flow design of packaged systems that are located on the roof (the most common spot for installation) also increases energy efficiency. The all-in-one configuration permits for easier modular design, so businesses can expand their HVAC system without needing to retire the old one and dispose of it.

Make Sure You Only Hire Specialists in Commercial HVAC in Delaware

The comfort of your business is something you should never take lightly: it means better productivity for your employees and happier customers/clients/tenants. You would never want someone inexperienced at his or her job to handle the crucial work necessary to install or care for your business’ HVAC system, so call our experienced team at HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions. We have a NATE-certified staff ready to assist you.

Abnormal Behavior in Your Air Conditioner

June 20th, 2014

Summer is here and with it comes an increased need for your air conditioning system. You will likely find yourself running the air conditioner every day, which means you need it to function as expected whenever you turn it on. When it starts acting oddly, you should shut it down and call in a repair service immediately. Otherwise, you may be looking at a breakdown and a serious repair bill. The good news is that when it comes to air conditioning repair, Worthington, OH residents have options they can turn to. The bad news is that abnormal behavior in your air conditioner still needs to be treated. The sooner you can spot it the better.

Abnormal behavior translates into anything that you don’t recognize as part of the air conditioner’s standard operation. Specifics can vary widely, but breaks down into one of the following basic categories.

  • Lack of cooling power. The cooling power may drop suddenly, with the unit blowing milder air. In the worst cases, the air may even be lukewarm or hot.
  • Lack of air flow. Problems with the fan or blockages in the ducts can lead to reduced air flow. In the worst cases, the air flow may drop to nothing. This is a problem because it slows the cooling of your home and forces the air conditioner to work harder to do its job.
  • Strange noises. Odd noises can include anything from humming to buzzing to grinding sounds to clicks. Whatever it is, it can be marked by the fact that you don’t hear it when the air conditioner normally runs.
  • Higher bills. Subtle problems don’t always announce themselves directly. Sometimes, they do their damage quietly and you can’t spot them until it’s too late. The best way to notice them is to check your monthly electric bill and look for any unusual spikes or rises in the cost.

If you spot abnormal behavior in your air conditioner, turn off the system and contact the experts at HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions. When it comes to professional air conditioning service in Worthington, OH, residents couldn’t ask for a more reliable resource, and we’re absolutely dedicated to your 100% satisfaction. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

3 Factors That Go Into Properly Sizing Your Air Conditioner

June 13th, 2014

An air conditioning system is part of your property for a long time – one of several reasons why it’s so important to make sure you purchase an air conditioner of the correct size. So what factors need to be considered with your air conditioning installation in Dublin, OH? Let’s take a look at 3 of them our experts at HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions have put together:

Daytime heat gain – every property gains heat during the day, no matter what the season. Daytime heat gain can add as much as 10-15 degrees to your home during the summer, so it’s very important to know exactly how much heat your property gains throughout the day in order to keep it comfortable. Factors that contribute to the heat gain calculation are:

  • orientation of your home
  • any areas of shading that occur, including drapes, blinds and outdoor trees that provide shade
  • square footage
  • size and position of windows
  • number of occupants
  • heat generated by lighting, machinery and equipment

Insulation level – knowing how well your home is insulated is very important in determining the size of your AC. Why? If your home is well-insulated, it will hold its cooling better and longer; conversely, a home that is less insulated will not hold the cool air as well. Therefore, knowing how much insulation your home has correlates directly to how much cooling it will need to stay comfortable.

Floor plan – is your home an open floor plan or does it have multiple, separate rooms? The reason this question is important is that it relates to air flow inside your property. An open floor plan makes for easy air flow around your space; multiple, separate rooms may require more cooling due to the difference in air flow.

Why Does Size Matter?

Air conditioners are one of those items you want to purchase at the correct size because an AC that is too large or too small won’t make you comfortable.

An AC that is too large will cool your home so quickly that sufficient humidity is not removed. This will leave your property cool but clammy, most likely an uncomfortable feeling for everyone. Conversely, an air conditioning system that is too small won’t be able to cool enough, leaving your property too warm inside.

Let a Professional Size Your New AC

The best way to ensure you purchase the right-sized air conditioning system for your home is to work with a trained professional, as multiple factors need to be calculated when determining the amount of cooling you’ll need. You don’t want your air conditioning installation in Dublin, OH to leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home – it defeats the purpose of purchasing an air conditioner in the first place. If you are looking for a new air conditioner, call HHR Heating & Cooling first and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

How Do Ductless Split Air Conditioners Save Me Money?

June 6th, 2014

The standard central air conditioning system that uses a network of ducts hooked to a single indoor unit is no longer the only method to cool down a home. Ductless mini split air conditioners give you an option that bypasses a ventilation system of ductwork entirely.

Here are the basics of how ductless air conditioning works: The system has a standard outdoor condenser unit, but instead of connecting through a refrigerant and power line to a single indoor unit, it hooks up to a series of smaller blower units located throughout the house. Each blower runs a refrigerant, condensate, and power line out to the condenser. The blowers send the conditioned air straight into the rooms, with no ventilation system required.

Ductless systems cost more to install than standard central systems, but they usually pay back their upfront price quickly because they will start saving you money through their performance. We’ll explain how a ductless split air conditioning in Delaware, OH can save you money. To find out more, call HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions and speak to our ductless specialists.

Ways that ductless systems save money

  • Less loss of cooling because of ducts: The sometimes long distances that air must travel along ductwork means that the air will gain heat along the way, and thus will not be as cool as it should be when it reaches the rooms. Consequently, the AC will need to run more often and cost more money. No ducts means almost zero heat gain to the air before it reaches you.
  • No duct repairs or cleaning: Keeping ductwork in good shape can sometimes turn costly. You should have duct cleaning scheduled every other year in order to maintain indoor air quality. Should the ducts develop leaks or gaps, they will cause a huge plunge in cooling power and require repairs to restore them. You won’t have any of these extra expenses with a ductless system.
  • Only cool the rooms that need it: Because ductless mini split systems use individual blowers, you can choose to shut off cooling in rooms that are not receiving use. If you have empty bedrooms, guest rooms, or a dining room only used for special occasions, you don’t have to expend power to cool them down unnecessarily. This can add up to tremendous energy savings over just a year.

Find out if ductless is right for you

Not all homes are fit for a ductless system installation. You should contact HHR Heating & Cooling Solutions if you are interested in ductless split or other air conditioning services in Delaware, OH. Our professionals will determine if the advantages of going ductless will provide you with the right benefits. From there on, you can let us handle the installation work quickly and efficiently, so you’ll enjoy your new system for many years.