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If you use gas to heat your home and you find yourself in need of a new furnace, there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. Gas furnaces can be highly efficient but you need to ensure you purchase the right model for your home – matching its heating capacity to the size of your home and your specific needs. You may also need to upgrade components in your existing forced air system if they won’t function with the new furnace.

If you’re just getting started in your search for a new gas furnace, call HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions to discuss your options. Our Columbus, OH furnace technicians have offered expert gas furnace installation, maintenance and repair services for years, so you can be confident they have the experience to complete any job quickly and correctly. Give us a call today to schedule furnace services in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area.

Gas Furnace Installation

Gas furnace installation is a complex process for many reasons. Not only is work with any gas appliance potentially dangerous if done improperly, but choosing a furnace requires careful measurement and analysis of your heating needs.

A Columbus, OH furnace professional should perform a complete load calculation for your home, determining how many total BTUs of heat is needed during the coldest months of the year. Additionally, the existing infrastructure should be inspected to ensure it can handle a new furnace. Ductwork and your air handler need to be checked, and in some cases upgraded, to accommodate the new furnace.

Finally, a new furnace needs to be selected, a decision which must take into account fuel efficiency. Today’s gas furnaces have AFUE ratings of up to 97% meaning they use 97% of the fuel consumed to produce heat. Additionally, features like multi–speed distribution and zone control allow you to minimize energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Of course these features generally cost more money at the point of installation, so it is important that you balance the upfront cost of the furnace against the long term financial benefits.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Once you have a properly working gas furnace, regular maintenance is a must. By having regular maintenance performed, you reduce the likelihood of emergency repairs during a winter cold snap. A properly working gas furnace should be inspected and cleaned once a year, usually in the early fall, prior to heating season. This inspection checks for potential problems, cleans out dust and debris and tests the furnace to make sure it works properly before the cold sets in.

Gas Furnace Repair in Columbus, OH

While a properly maintained system will work without issue almost all of the time, eventually problems arise in all furnaces as they age, so it’s so important to have someone on call that you can trust to perform those repairs as quickly as possible. Keep an eye out for common signs of malfunction such as uneven heating in your home, excess noise, higher energy bills or anything else out of the ordinary. Call immediately and your system can be repaired quickly, likely avoiding a larger, costlier breakdown in the future.

Whether you already have a gas furnace that needs to be serviced or you’re interested in replacing an inefficient older system, HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions is the company to call in the Columbus, OH area. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience, so you can rest assured that when we leave your home, we’re leaving you with an efficient, well–functioning gas furnace that will serve you well for years to come.