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Columbus, OH Humidifier Service

Dry air is common in the winter because we tend to run our heaters a lot in order to stay comfortable. While it is essential for us to be able to keep our homes warm, it is also just as critical for you to maintain a healthy level of moisture in your air. That’s why HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions provides total whole house humidifier service in Columbus, OH for all different brands of systems. If you’re home has dry air, give us a call and one of our technicians will talk with you about which kind is the best humidifier for your home and your budget.

Here at HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions we treat every single one of our customers as if they were our friend or family member. We do this because we know that there are a lot of contractors out there that provide "good enough" service. We understand how important your home’s comfort is to you and we work hard to exceed your expectations on each job that we do. We’re available 24/7 for emergency heating and air conditioning service because we know that you can never plan on when you’re going to need HVAC help. Give us a call to schedule humidifier services in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area.

Problems from Dry Air

Why is dry air such a big problem? Dry air can cause a few problems for homeowners. First, if your home’s air is too dry you’ll likely notice that your skin, throat and nasal passages start to dry out. This can cause chapped lips, cracked skin, and bloody noses. Second, you’ll also probably notice that you have more static electricity in your home which is more of an annoyance than a serious health risk. Finally, dry air holds less heat than properly humidified air which means that you may have to run your heater more in order to get comfortable.

In addition to all of this, dry air can also decrease the air quality in your home. It does this because of the increase in dust from dry skin and also because certain contaminants like insect droppings can dry out and become air born. That’s why HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions provides total humidifier service in Columbus, OH.

Columbus, OH Humidifier Installation

If you’re tired of having dry air in your home, then call HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions for humidifier installation in Columbus, OH. While portable humidifiers can usually only handle a single room, whole house humidifiers are designed to provide proper humidity to your entire home. In order to do that, they are often installed in your air handler or ductwork so that they can have access to all of the air moving into your home from your HVAC system. In order to ensure that your new humidifier operates properly, you must have it installed professionally. In fact, poor installation is one of the leading causes of humidifier problems. Call HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions if you’re interested in humidifier installation in and we’ll help you find the best unit for your home. We’ll then install it quickly so that you can start enjoying more comfort in your home.

Common Whole House Humidifier Repair in Columbus, OH

In order to add moisture to your home’s air, humidifiers need plentiful access to water. This can come from a reservoir in the unit itself or from a hook–up to your home’s water supply. From there, the humidifier will pass your home’s air through a wick which will allow the air to evaporate the water and then carry it. Several problems can arise which require the assistance of a professional humidifier repair expert in Columbus, OH. Here are some of the most common issues with humidifiers.

  • Too much humidity – One serious issue that can happen with your humidifier is that it puts too much humidity in your home’s air. This can result in an increase in bacteria, insect and mold growth as well as "humidifier lung".
  • Leaks – Another common problem is a leak from the humidifier. This could cause it to not provide enough humidity and it could also damage your home as well.
  • Not enough humidity – If you aren’t getting enough humidity in your home you’ll likely notice dry skin, or an increase in static electricity. This could be caused by a clogged water valve, a bad humidistat, or several other issues.

Call HHR Enterprises Heating & Cooling Solutions if you need any Columbus, OH humidifier service you need. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction and our highly–trained technicians can fix any issue that you’re having. Contact us today to schedule humidifier services in Columbus, OH and the surrounding area.